Edward J. Lacy Jr. D.D.S., P.C.
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Our Staff
From our beginning in 1985, the staff at Dr. Lacy's office have been caring for their patients as if they were family. They are true professionals in every aspect. Their training and patient services are the best in the industry. Come in and feel what it's like to be "part of the family".

Edward J. Lacy Jr. D.D.S., P.C. is family-owned and operated in Loveland, CO. We take pride in our services as well as our community. Other Dentists may offer similar services, but none compare to the personal service Dr. Lacy and his staff of professionals provide to their patients.
Dr. Edward J. Lacy Jr. 
Committed to helping our customers achieve their ultimate smile!

Dr. Lacy received his undergraduate degree of life sciences in 1980. During this time he was employed at the campus Veterinary Science research complex where he was in charge of the animal holding facility. His duties included; daily animal care, medication, and innoculation under the researching veterinarians supervision. As well as preparation of C-section bubbles and transfer units to move newborns into a germ free environment. He graduated with his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center at Lincoln in 1985 and began his private practice July 17, 1985 in Loveland, CO. He truly enjoys his patients, the art and health of dentistry and the fulfillment he receives from it. He enjoys Family time, Boating, Hiking, Snow skiing, photography and attending local events.
Carol Peterson                                     Dental Assistant
Carol Peterson was originally from California and moved  to Colorado in 1984. Carol is married with 3 grown boys. She enjoys Hiking, gardening and taking family rafting trips. She has been in the dental field for years and with Dr. Lacy since 2001.  She also teaches a Dental Assisting course part time enabling others to share her devotion for quality patient care.   Carol loves Dental Assisting - "Getting to know our patients as family is what makes my job fun!"
Will Lacy       Office Manager and Insurance Specialist
  Will Lacy has lived in Loveland his entire life. Most of our patients remember him as a young boy! He graduated from Mountain View High School in 2004, attended Front Rage and Metro State Colleges and has plans to return in the future.He is an avid fisherman and can often be found at the pond behind the office over his lunch break! In the winter he also enjoys snowboarding as well as ice fishing.
Kris Bennet                                         Dental Hygenist
 Kris Bennett is skilled in all forms of personalized dental patient care and education. She will educate patients on an individual needs basis. She conducts routine annual and bi-annual cleanings, periodontal scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) and periodontal maintenance.
Kris has exceptional experience and stays on top of the ever changing dental field in order to treat our patients and keep them healthy and smiling.
Kris has been with Dr. Lacy's dental team since 1997. Kris is a graduate of the University of Nebraska School of dentistry. and an accredit licensed , practicing dental hygienist. She has become quite the Bronco fan

  Mindy Montez                        Dental Assistant